Adjudication scores

Scores for SCBF Adjudicators

SCBF adjudicators were presented with a variety of scores to assist them with their adjudication process this year, ranging from printed publishers scores to very poor loose leaf photocopied scores. There are two main problems with presenting adjudicators with poorly photocopied unbound scores – (i) photocopied scores are illegal and, (ii) poorly presented photocopied scores in loose leaf format greatly hinder the live adjudication process.

A further problem with photocopied scores is that they represent both time and money – a fact which is frequently overlooked with the mistaken impression that they are “free”. If you actually consider the time it takes someone ( frequently the band director ) to stand and photocopy two scores for an entire twenty minute programme – this is a significant amount of time, and of course photocopies are not “free” they are coming out of someone’s budget!

In order to offer band directors entering SCBF Festivals a more attractive and less time consuming alternative, Just Music (one of SCBF’s main sponsors) are offering to provide band directors with adjudicators’ scores on the following basis:

By purchasing publishers printed scores in this way, band directors are achieving several things simultaneously:

  1. Saving time – one phone call / email and the scores will arrive – no more hours spent at the photocopier making illegal copies.
  2. Building up a resource for the band for current sectional rehearsal use and for the future.
  3. Providing the adjudicator with an unambiguous copy of what is being performed.

But of course, all of this requires a little bit of advance planning!