Hello Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the SCBF Virtual Festival will be streamed on the SCBF You Tube Channel this Sunday afternoon at 14.00. ( 20th. December ).

Eight bands give great performances, and there reminders of really good career opportunities for all aspiring young musicians on ALL INSTRUMENTS currently.

Please share this with as many people, colleagues friends etc. as possible - and give some positive feedback for the efforts these musicians, their conductors and technical producers have made in such difficult circumstances this year. Although the requirement was to produce a virtual performance of just one piece, most of the bands have produced two virtual performances, and one group has produced a full SCBF programme of three complete works - absolutely amazing !

If you were not part of this virtual festival, please consider giving it a go for the end of March 2021. If the technical challenge was too great for some, please get in touch, and I will point you in the right direction for next time.

Regards .... and Merry Christmas to you all when it comes.

Nigel Durno.


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Performance videos - click here to view some amazing new performances on our YouTube channel.

Dunbartonshire Concert Band

Dunbartonshire Concert Band, conducted by Robert Baxter, perform Goddess of Fire by Steven Reineke at the National Finals of SCBF 2017.

South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society Senior Concert Band

South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society Senior Concert Band, conducted by James McAleenan, perform 'See Rock City' at the National Finals of SCBF 2017 at Perth Concert Hall.

The James Young High School Wind Band

The James Young High School Wind Band, conducted by Jennifer Kelly, perform 'Parade Of The Wooden Warriors' at the National Finals of SCBF 2017 at Perth Concert Hall.


Testimonial from Keiron Anderson

I was invited to adjudicate at the Scottish Concert Band Festival Finals in Perth on Sunday by Nigel Durno who founded the event three years ago.

It was a beautiful day in Perth and the venue was quite excellent. The Perth Concert Hall has all the facilities anyone could want and it is staffed by helpful, experienced people who know exactly what they need to do to support an event like this one.

Before long the foyer was brimming with young players, full of enthusiasm and excitement. It was impossible to miss the buzz around this festival and I think much has to do with the attitude of the organisation and the enabling method of adjudication.

The adjudication procedure is prescriptive yet flexible with every musical director ending up with a clear and precise picture of how the grading was awarded. The adjudication sheets are worded in a positive and musical fashion with every word designed to encourage improvement and good practice.

Performances were very well attended by supporters and other bands with the two adjudications having a full house for the presentations.

On the whole I was impressed with the standard of playing, conducting, rehearsing and choice of repertoire. There were some outstanding solo performances and these were elligible for special awards and prizes.

This is a modern, forward thinking, evolving festival that I can see growing quite quickly as musicians see how beneficial it can be in developing their bands.

I enjoyed hearing all the groups, enjoyed the environment and the atmosphere but most of all the enthusiasm and energy of so many young players made the day seem very worth while and special.

Keiron Anderson

Conductor of the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra, Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra, National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, Leeds College of Music Wind Ensemble, Phoenix Concert Band and Harlequin Brass Ensemble.